Sunday 6 July 2014

The Devil Was Homesick

The devil was homesick. She was fighting the will to run back there. She was pacing back and forth in her house, missing how the wet grass felt on her bare feet. Hugged her knees on the sofa missing the warm safe hug from her love back home. She was looking out the window. Trying to imagine the bird's song she was longing for. Suddenly, a ray of sunshine caressed her face from the window. She gasps and looked up hoping to see the face of her love smiling at her, and to be in the garden that was her home. But, neither a smile nor a garden was there.
The devil was homesick, she ran out of the house trying to keep herself from collapsing to the ground. She looked at that crowded street. No room for a flower, a butterfly or a bird. She looked up at the sky. She was looking for that ray of sunshine. For that kind loving touch she missed so dearly. But the sky were nowhere to be found in the big city.
The devil was homesick. She decided to take a walk to ease her mind. Her feet just started walking. She didn’t know where she was going or for how long. She just stared at the ground deep in her thoughts, allowing the wind direction to lead her path. She was walking in the streets of the big city. People cleared the way for her. She was the devil after all. She felt a light breeze and lifted her head fearing she’s about to hit something. It was the path to the garden – she was home.
The devil was home sick. She was looking at it from afar, filled her lungs with the clear air. The smell of wet grass and wood made her sigh without even noticing. She release a quiet laugh and looked around her. She was alone. She bit her lip in a cheeky mood. She wasn’t in that mood in a long while.  The devil took her first step on the bridge that is leading to her home.
The devil was homesick and nothing could stop her now. She decided to visit the place of her passion. The place that once was her shelter. She took her first step and heard a slight noise behind her. She startled and looked over her shoulder. The ray of sunshine appeared again dancing gently on her shoulder her upper back sliding up to her neck and cheek. She closed her eyes and smiled “I missed you so much”. The words left her mouth and she regretted them immediately. She knew it was wrong to lie like that.
The devil was homesick but now it was too late. The ray of sunshine was flaming hot on her skin. She tried to hid her face and not look at the strong light “I’m sorry”, she screamed, but the rage wasn’t seem to fade. The ray of sunshine was now shouting with a tongue of fire at her. “Please love. A few minutes and I’ll leave”. He ray of sunshine wouldn’t let go. She fell to the ground, still not daring look at him. She was sobbing. She missed him and if that what it takes to be home with him, she was willing to take it. “I’m sorry” were the last words she whispered before giving up.
The devil was homesick. She felt the warmth of the tears running down her cheeks and the cool of the ground beneath her knees. The song of a bird nearby reached her ears. She notices the ray of sunshine was no longer angry. She looked up and it was near a tree a cross the bridge in the garden that was her home. The devil walked carefully, looking at her beloved silver ray of sunshine. He was calm now and quiet. The tears got bigger. All she wanted was his warmth and kindness. “I’m sorry” she gasps as she cried. The ray of sunshine was now wrapping her, holding her close keeping her warm.
The devil was home.

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